The History of Artisan

1959 Karl Koch delivers dentures after school and during summers for Dahlin Dental Laboratory. He accepts a job with Dahlin after graduating from the University of Oregon in 1965.

1973 Luciano Monetti founds Artisan Dental Laboratory with two other technicians. Dahlin Dental Laboratory moves to 25th and Hawthorne; Artisan is located at 102nd and Washington.

1974 Koch joins Monetti and his partners at Artisan Dental Lab as president. He grows the company at a rate of 20 percent per year.

1976 Artisan moves to rented space at 41st and Hawthorne.

1979 Artisan buys the building at 41st and Hawthorne.

1986 Monetti establishes a teaching relationship with OHSU. Artisan provides most of the prosthetic work. Koch and Monetti build a strong lab with good technicians. They buy out their other two partners.

1986 Denticon offers to buy Artisan; Koch and Monetti sell 80 percent of the company to Denticon, which also owns Dahlin. Artisan and Dahlin merge to form Artisan-Dahlin Dental Laboratory at 25th and Hawthorne.

1990 Denticon files for bankruptcy. Koch and Monetti buy Artisan-Dahlin back from Denticon.

1996 Koch and Monetti decide to take the company back to its roots. It once again becomes Artisan Dental Laboratory. Monetti retires; Koch becomes sole owner.

1997 Koch's children, Justan Koch and Kristan Stark, join Artisan.

2003 Justan Koch becomes president of Artisan. Karl Koch shifts to serving as chairman of the board.

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