Our customers have different preferences in terms of the materials to use for their patients' dentures, so we work with Nightguards, Flex-Sil, and Monodont Bridge to give our customers a wide range of choice.

Flex-Sil is a patented tissue-bearing appliance featuring a soft elastometric gasket which clasps to the neck of each natural tooth, sealing out food and liquids, cushioning and splinting each natural tooth from the hard denture base.

Monodont Bridge
The Monodont Bridge is a resin pontic with a patented stainless steel framework. The framework has small retentive "talons" on each side that fir into undercut preps on the adjacent abutment teeth. Available for both anterior and posterior applications the Monodont Bridge is a conservative, economical and easy solution for your patients and your practice.

•  Great long-term provisional for implant sites
•  Reliable alternative to flipper partials and nesbits
•  Esthetic, yet cost effective option for the patient on a budget
•  Short two appointment process with minimal tooth preparation required


Brux-guard Nightguard
An Artisan Dental Laboratory original! Our unique thermoplastic night guard combines the advantages of a hard acrylic splint with those of a soft splint. The result is an adjustment free comfortable bite splint, with easy insertion and removal for the patient.

Acrylic Nightguard
Our acrylic nightguard is crafted with precision and care to provide protection against even the most severe parafunctional habits and to prevent excessive wear on natural dentition as well as dental restorations.

Eclipse Heat & Seat
A resilient lined nightguard. Seats like a combination hard/soft appliance. It is easy to adjust and very comfortable. A patient favorite!

The Proform Sports Guard is also available.

Call Beverly Olivier at 503-238-6006 ext 223 for treatment planning
and pricing.

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